Monday, January 25, 2010

For the Love of Hot Pink

I LOVE hot pink!!! That...and lime green! Check out this fabric that I's the best of both worlds for me...I can't wait to get these two items listed in my shop!

Oh, and did I mention...I think Zebra print is pretty gosh darn cool too? Well, it is. :)

Keep a look out in my shop...this will be coming soon!

Check this out too...I just made this iPhone sleeve at the request of a client of mine! I love it and can't wait to get another one listed in my shop. I purchased some hot pink minky swirl for a blanket that I made for a very dear friend that just had an absolutely gorgeous little girl named Addison. I had some left over and I thought it would look so awesome with the zebra print. I was right...I LOVE it and I think I may have to make my Palm Pre a new sleeve as well!

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