Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School Event Giveaway

It's that time again...Back to School! I don't know about you...but I'm ready! My daughter is ready too. I can tell she is starting to get bored. :)

You know what Back to School! Mmmm...I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils! "Don't you just LOVE New York in the Fall? If I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils" ~Tom Hanks as Joe Fox in You've Got Mail. line freak! :)
Anyway, I'm sponsoring a giveaway over at Take a Mom's Word For It! I'm giving away a free mini notepad holder! These are great for younger kids going back to school to jot down homework assignements. They're also great for College kids headed back as well. Great to keep with you at all times just in case you need to jot down that cute boy's number at the coffee shop that she's studying at! :)

I listed some new ones yesterday and here are a couple of my favorites! To check out the entire collection, head over to my shop!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Look what my daughter did today!!!

Not entirely on her own...I had to help a bit but she made it and is so proud! And I am so excited that I was able to help her and teach her how to sew!!!

Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago and she got a mini sewing machine from my parents. This is what she asked for...she had been asking for one for about 6 months leading up to her cute by the way! :) A girl after my own heart! So, we went to the fabric store one day and she saw this smocked Fancy Nancy fabric sold by the bolt and said that she would really like a Fancy Nancy dress. So, we bought some and when she asked me last night if I would show her today how to use her sewing machine, I thought...Perfect! She can learn how to sew by making herself her Fancy Nancy dress! Here is the fabric before we cut it down to size.

Then we marked it and cut it to the appropriate size. It was a little tough for her to cut through the fabric (not at all like cutting paper...and that's the only think she's ever cut before) so I helped her a bit and she did great!

Then she learned how to line up the sides and pin it...being VERY careful not to stick herself! As a side note...she DID stick herself once and she said, "Ow! Well, I guess I won't do that again...I'll be more careful next time!" LOVE her!!! :)

We had her sewing machine set up on a little table just her size. Unfortunately, we got everything all set up and ready to go but the machine didn't work. Booo The darn bobbin would not turn and so the stitches were not holding. So, we moved over to my machine and I worked the foot pedal for her.

But she fed the fabric through like a champ and even kept it lined up perfectly to the guide!

I helped a bit more with the straps but for the most part, this dress was all her! I'm so excited that she did this and that she loves it!'s one more thing that we have in common! Hey, she doesn't look AT ALL like me so I'll take what I can get. She definitely has my personality and now she likes a lot of the same things that I do and I LOVE having that in common!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm having a birthday sale!

Today is my daughter, Emma's birthday!  She is 6 years old today!!!  (more like 6 going on 16!)  

In celebration, I am having a sale in my Etsy shop,  

I am offering 6% off of EVERYTHING in my shop AND free shipping!!!  (US shipping only and refunds via Paypal)

So, if you are in need of a totally fun, fabulous and unique hostess gift for those end-of-summer BBQ's, or if you need some fun back-to-school gifts for your fave college student (think coffe cozies for all the coffee they're sure to need to drink, or mini notepad holders to keep organized, or to jot down that cute boy's number!) check out my sale and stock up quick!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A fabulous product for a great cause

I was sitting at my desk trying to think of a great topic to discuss. And this popped into my head!

My friend Tia, is an amazing mom of 5 that runs quite a successful business Crimson Clover where she designs and makes some of the most original and amazing pieces of jewelry I have ever seen! How does she do it all??? I have no idea but I certainly do admire her strength and determination.

Her oldest child was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes a few years ago and Tia has made it one of her missions to help bring awareness to the magnitude and scope of the disease with the vision that there will one day be a cure.

She has a few awesome Tee and Tank top designs dedicated to juvenile diabetes and with each one sold, she donates the proceeds to finding a cure. On top of that, the American Diabetes Association has contacted her to begin working with them to help raise awareness through the use of her amazing products!!! How exciting is that?!?!

Tia will be closing up shop in just a few short weeks to make a move halfway across the country. She will reopen later in the year once she gets settled but I wanted to let you all know of this because if you're looking for a great cause to support, this is definitely the one!

Go get your T's and tanks before she closes up and help the fight against juvenile diabetes! And while you're at it...why don't you pick up one of these yummy leather cuff bracelets too. I just got mine in the mail and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Giveaway Time!

I hope you all are entering the giveaway that I'm sponsoring over at Take a Mom's Word For it!

You will win your choice of a fabulously chic (and my one of my newest items) tampon clutch!

You won't have to hide tampons up your sleeve anymore around the office or take your whole bag to the bathroom with you! You don't need to balance your checkbook while you're in there...just use a tampon. :)

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm so excited about my new item! It's just like my original key fob except that I've added a fun little ruffle to it! The ruffly top fabric is a bit frayed to give it a shabby chic look.

Check them out and check them out in my etsy shop!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Item!!!

My very good friend Kimi Joy (and new mommy to the beautiful Addison Joy) came to me and said she was tired of trying to carry all of the gear associated with a new baby as well as a purse. She tried scaling down the size of her purse and even bought one of those cute Coach cross-body swing bags. It was still just one extra thing that she felt like she didn't want to carry. She started doing what I think most new moms do...putting her wallet, a lip gloss, her phone and her wallet in the diaper bag. She just felt like her stuff was strewn all over the bag and had to look in pocket after pocket to find what she was looking for.
So, I came up with this nifty little wristlet for her and I'm so excited with the way it turned out that I'm definitely going to start taking orders for them. It is so practical that I can't believe my organizational mind didn't come up with something like this before now!
It has a main zipper compartment to hold the essentials like cash, cards, lip gloss and any other small items she may need throughout her day.

One of my favorite parts of this bag is the cute little flower that I added to the front flap of it!

The front of the bag has a pocket that is lined with minky to be soft and cushioning for her phone. This minky will also serve to keep her phone clean as she takes it out or puts it in the pocket. There is also a layer of batting in the pocket to keep her phone protected.

This part of the bag is really awesome! There is a wristlet strap so that she can let it swing from her arm as she carries the baby. But the coolest part is the little claw hook I put on there. This allows her to open the wristlet strap and hook it around her stroller handle or a shopping cart OR the strap of her diaper bag! No more hunting to find which pocket she put HER stuff into!

Then I lined it with a pretty little coordinating satiny fabric on the inside to give it that posh "Coach-like" feel to it. :)
I took it to her last night and she absolutely loved it! It took me quite a while to actually get the bag made for her because I have been so busy with outside orders and keeping my etsy shop stocked up but the look on her face told me it was worth the wait.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My deliciously awesome friend, Tia is doing a giveaway on her Facebook page, Crimson Clover

You could win this as well as a $25 Crimson Clover gift certificate!!! That's awesome! Go check out her fan page and her etsy shop and make sure you enter to win. (Or don't...that will increase MY chances of winning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Dove

So...I'm just going to say it. My name is Lindsay and I am addicted to Peanut Butter squares. It's like a peanut butter cup but BETTER!

One of the other reasons that I really like them is because there's a neat little thought printed on the inside of the wrapper that sometimes really makes you think.

Yesterday I was very taken aback by the thought.

I love random statistics...we call them Fischer Nutty Facts around my house. Yesterday's thought was...

"There are 86,400 seconds in the day. Have you used one to say 'thank you'?"

I'm a firm believer in The Secret that you bring to you what you most think about and desire. And also that you need to be thankful for the things that you have before more great things can come to you. Well, I'm ALWAYS thankful for my amazing family and our health and happiness but sometimes I forget to be thankful for other major things in my life that I couldn't survive without.

So, today I would like to thank God for the success of my business. Without it, I would not be the person I am today. I am thankful for it's daily growth and I can't wait to see what other great things are in store for me and my business in the coming months!

Have a very happy Wednesday!
~Lindsay :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm closing up one of my shops, TheEmmaline on Etsy. It's a tough decision because it was my first shop but it's time to simplify. I'm not going to quit making the yummy baby gear that my wonderful clients have come to know and love though. They will just be moving over into my other shop, Sass Rocket Studios.
It's going to be a little time consuming because I can't just "move" things over...that would just be too easy. I will actually have to relist everything in Sass Rocket. I REALLY don't want to have to pay all of those listing fees again so I'm going to have a sale to try and reduce the amount of stuff I have to pay another listing fee for.
I am offering 25% off of EVERY ITEM in my shop! All you have to do is make a purchase and I will refund 25% of the purchase price to your paypal account!
I hope you find something fabulous for either your little one or perhaps a great gift for an upcoming shower...thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A full circle moment with Emma

The other night, I had a total full circle moment with my daughter Emma.
From the time Emma was a baby, we read her the book Goodnight Moon. I think bedtime routines and reading to your child are two of the most important parts of the day. We still read every night with Emma but as she got older and realized that other books existed, Goodnight Moon sort of fell by the bedside if you will. The bedtime routine changed from reading Goodnight Moon to reading any two books of Emma's choosing.
This went on up until about the last 6 months. Then, she started learning to read on her own. She now comes home every night with a book from the Reading Room at school. She has to read it and then take a short 5 question test on it the next day. I may be a little partial but I have to say, she is an AMAZING reader and I am so proud of her...she gives even the most daunting-looking words a good ol' college try. And most of the time she gets them right!
Well, two nights ago, she brought home Goodnight Moon. Call me sentimental if you must but I almost got teary eyed when I saw it. She read it absolutely beautifully to me and then I asked if I could read it to her when she finished...for old times sake. I also told her the story that I just told you and she loved it. :)
I love full circle moments and don't feel like they happen all that often but this one was truly amazing for me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Finished Products

So here are some of the finished products from a wholesale order that I did for a baby boutique in Singapore. If you recall from previous posts, the order was for 50 double-sided nursing covers, 50 changing pads, 80 drool bibs and 70 double-sided burpcloths.

I'm finally finished and got it sent out and let me tell you...what a great feeling! And thank God UPS will do it all for me! I walked in with two huge laundry baskets and told them where it needed to be and they took care of the rest!

Here is my favorite nursing cover. They had requested black and white dots on one side and this fabulous Alexander Henry fabric called Las Senoritas! They are so awesome! I love these girls...they just look like they're having so much fun. And the best part...they all look super sassy!

This is one of the changing pads with velcro closure. I've been doing changing pads for a long time but I redesigned them to be sleeping bag rolled and have this strap go around it to keep it nice and rolled up in the diaper bag. They're really awesome because the way that they get folded, you'll never lay baby down on a surface that has touched the germ-y surface that you layed down the pad to keep the baby from in the first place. You can use it over and over but the soft minky part that you lay baby on will never touch those germs so it can be used multiple times before washing. And the best part, when you get home from the mall just pop it in with the rest of the laundry! Check out my shop to see what I have available right now.

Here is one example of the 80 drool bibs that were requested. I love this print too...these flowers are just fabulous!

This order was so much fun...thanks for following the progress with me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giveaway winner

So, I just did a giveaway with Janice at Mama's Fantabulous Giveaways for one of my newly re-designed changing pads! She picked a winner today and I am proud to say that Nicole chose this one!

Oh, how I love pink and chocolate brown together! Oohhh and pink and black or pink and orange or pink and lime green...there are so many fabulous color combos when you're using pink! Are you seeing a theme? Do you think I like Pink a little? You should see my hair!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapore Part 3

So if you’ve been following this process, I’ve already finished all of the little stuff like the bibs and burp cloths. I actually did the changing pads too already but forgot to take pics during that step…sorry. I did get one pic. When I finished sewing them and needed to flip them right side out and close the holes, I brought them into the living room so that we could watch a family movie together (and to hire the free slave hubby and kid). :) My daughter LOVES to fold the laundry, etc. As my hubby and I flipped all of them, we gave them to her and she folded them and sorted them into nice piles for me...what a great helper!

On to the nursing cover ups! Oh man, these are going to be very time consuming because there are so many steps with these and I have to do each step 50 times! Here is a pic of 5 piles. Each pile contains the front and back layers of the nursing cover and sitting on top of the pile are all of the straps that I have already made for them.

Here is one pile with it's straps...isn't this fabric awesome?! Alexander Henry makes some GREAT prints...and I just love Las Senoritas...they just look like they're having so much fun! here are all of the components of the nursing cover...the two layers, the strap (not pictured), the boning to make it stand away from your body up at the top so you can see the baby and have a little air flow and the D-ring adjustable closure to make it fit mommy just right.

I wish I had remembered to take a pic of the large pile of these D-ring attachments because a pile of 50 of them was really something to see! But here's a few and you get the idea.

This is what it looks like as I assembled it. Bottom layer down, lay down the the strap on one side, leave 15 inches of open space right down the middle (where the boning will eventually go) and place the d-ring attachment piece. Then I lay down the top layer and sew along the one seam.

And, here's what 50 of them look like waiting for the top seam to be sewn.

I started to feel the time crunch, so I stopped taking pics and just got busy working. Once I sew the top seam, I have to open it up (right sides out) and place a length of boning into that inside space that I left between the neck strap and the d-ring attachment, pin it in place and then sew it in. Then I need to flip the cover back inside out, re-line up the two layers, pin them together and sew them up. Then they're ready to be flipped, have the hole (that was left to flip them right side out) closed up, be top-stitched and finish off the end of the neck strap. Voi-la! Finished! I had a lot of help with those final steps. My family came over for dinner the night that I had just finished sewing the two layers together and they all helped me flip them right side out...HUGE help! Then my mother-in-law even helped me close up the holes! I should have had them over for dinner long ago! :)

And that truly is the end. I completed the order and mailed it out this past Monday. What a good feeling of accomplishment! I will have one more post in this series showing a sample of all of the finished pieces. Thanks for following this process!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapre Part 2

So, here's phase 2 of the progress of my huge wholesale order. I got all of the fabric cut out as you saw in the first post and now I've pinned all of the layers of the burp cloths together and all of the bib fronts with the backs.

Now...let the sewing begin! I'm glad I loaded up two industrial spools of white thread!

And if those two mountains of bibs and burp cloths that need to be sewn don't look daunting enough...chek out this view...

That is 50 burp cloths and 70 drool bibs!!! Oh man...I've got to do this for 50 changing pads still. I better get crackin'!

Stay tuned for more pics on my progress...

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!! Oh, and PS...I've been sick and haven't been quite as diligent with blog posts as I could have been. So, I'm actually quite a bit further than this with my order so check back often to catch the next part! ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapre Part 1

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman in Singapore that told me she absolutely loved my line of baby/mommy gear, TheEmmaline. She asked if I would consider working with her on a wholesale basis to help stock up a new online boutique that she was helping to start up. Aparently in Singapore, awesome baby and mommy gear is a little hard to come by. Originally she only wanted a few burp cloths, drool bibs, changing pads and reversable nursing covers. Well, it mushroomed from there.

She increased her order a few times and finally we ended up at a grand total of 250 items! That's 50 nursing covers, 50 changing pads, 70 double-sided burp cloths and 80 drool bibs!!! Holy cow...I got a lot of work to do!

So, after I received the payment, I purchased all of the fabric and started cutting. After two rotary cutter blade changes, this is what 250 fabulous baby/mommy items looks like...

So,'s all cut. Now comes the fun part...pinning. I don't think I have enough pins!
Stay tuned to see my progress! Oh yea, one more thing...I have to have this out to her US shipping facility by April 12th!!! I better get crackin!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of the Coolest Holidays Ever!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!! I love this holiday! The green beer alone is worth calling in sick to work for! :)

It also happens to be a very dear friend's birthday today...I know, how awesome is that?! Happy Birthday Nikki!
Today, I am offering free shipping in either my fabulous baby gear shop or my sassy accessories shop! To qualify for the free shipping all you have to do is purchase any item with the color green in it! I will even honor custom order requests with green fabric if the payment is received through paypal today, 3-17-10!
Oh yeah, one more thing. I will give free shipping on your WHOLE order...not just the green item(s)! How cool is that?!
Happy shopping and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! Remember to be safe while drinking your green beer...nobody like drunk leprechauns getting behind the wheel. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Introducing the Diva Sleeve

Oh. My. Gosh. I am SOOOOO excited about my newest product! It's not even available in my shop yet but I made one at the request of a client and think it's so amazing that I have to sell them!

Carol, my client, is going to celebrate her birthday this weekend in New Orleans with some friends. First of awesome is that?!?! She wanted to take her phone, a little cash, her ID and the one other absolute girly girl essential...LIPGLOSS!!!!!

The Diva Sleeve, which by the way was named by Carol (thanks Carol!!!), is just like my deluxe Palm Pre sleeve. It keeps your Pre nice and protected with cushy minky in the inside of a hot cotton print and it also has a pocket on the front to hold cash and an ID/debit card. It also has the velcro-closure top flap to keep your Pre safely inside.

The first new addition to an already awesome sleeve is the the extra width to hold a lipgloss neatly inside! The next thing I've done is move the top closure flap off to one side so that you can slide the lipgloss in and out without having to open the flap.

The final awesome's hands-free!!! I've attached a wide and reinforced belt loop (more of a tunnel, really) to the back so you can slide it on to your fave belt and go out to rock the floor without worrying about carrying a bag! I promise...they only thing you'll have to hold is your drink!

To get the hottest new item for spring, check out my shop , pick a fabric and convo me and I'll whip it up for you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Birth of an Item

I’ve decided to come up with a new item, at the inadvertent suggestion of previous clients. I sell a lot of purse organizing pouches and while no one has specifically requested the item for this use, most have told me that they use it to keep feminine items in at the office (or just all in one spot in their purse). Evidently there are many out there that are tired of the ol’ tampon up the sleeve routine!

I'll be putting on my R&D hat this weekend and I have decided to make a custom item just to hold tampons and panty liners. What do y'all think? How many tampons is good...3? Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nursing Covers, Drool Bibs and Burp Cloths, oh my!

So, I'm pretty thrilled...I'm in the process of working through the details of my largest wholesale order to date! When all is said and done, 40Drool Bibs, 25 Nursing Covers, 25 Changing Pads and 40 Burp Cloths will be on their way overseas!!!

I sat down today to start organizing my shopping list and found that I need to purchase a minimum of 60 yards of fabric. The entire order will take more like 70 yards of fabric but that's where having a huge fabric stash comes in handy! :) Not to mention that I need to purchase 12 yards of boning, dozens of snap sets and three yards of velcro.

Now, all I have to do is average three of these orders a month and I can quit my day job!!! I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star of the Week!

My daughter is the Star of the Week in Kindergarten this week!

She is so excited about it! Her teacher tries to let all of the kids be the star of the week during the week of their birthdays. Since Emma's birthday is in July when they're not in school, it's during the week of her 1/2 birthday. She brought home a poster last Friday afternoon that she had to fill out all about herself and color. She brought that back today along with something that she either collects, or some sort of hobby of hers. She chose to bring all of her Build-A-Bears. We had a great time last night dressing them all up for a day at school and needed a huge shopping bag to get them all to school.

Tomorrow she gets to bring in her favorite book and her teacher will read it to the class. She is having a difficult time picking between Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas and Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly! What's a fancy girl to do (I ask my doll Maribelle!)?! :) If you know Fancy Nancy like I know Fancy Nancy, you will get that reference for sure!

Monday, January 25, 2010

For the Love of Hot Pink

I LOVE hot pink!!! That...and lime green! Check out this fabric that I's the best of both worlds for me...I can't wait to get these two items listed in my shop!

Oh, and did I mention...I think Zebra print is pretty gosh darn cool too? Well, it is. :)

Keep a look out in my shop...this will be coming soon!

Check this out too...I just made this iPhone sleeve at the request of a client of mine! I love it and can't wait to get another one listed in my shop. I purchased some hot pink minky swirl for a blanket that I made for a very dear friend that just had an absolutely gorgeous little girl named Addison. I had some left over and I thought it would look so awesome with the zebra print. I was right...I LOVE it and I think I may have to make my Palm Pre a new sleeve as well!