Friday, May 21, 2010

New Item!!!

My very good friend Kimi Joy (and new mommy to the beautiful Addison Joy) came to me and said she was tired of trying to carry all of the gear associated with a new baby as well as a purse. She tried scaling down the size of her purse and even bought one of those cute Coach cross-body swing bags. It was still just one extra thing that she felt like she didn't want to carry. She started doing what I think most new moms do...putting her wallet, a lip gloss, her phone and her wallet in the diaper bag. She just felt like her stuff was strewn all over the bag and had to look in pocket after pocket to find what she was looking for.
So, I came up with this nifty little wristlet for her and I'm so excited with the way it turned out that I'm definitely going to start taking orders for them. It is so practical that I can't believe my organizational mind didn't come up with something like this before now!
It has a main zipper compartment to hold the essentials like cash, cards, lip gloss and any other small items she may need throughout her day.

One of my favorite parts of this bag is the cute little flower that I added to the front flap of it!

The front of the bag has a pocket that is lined with minky to be soft and cushioning for her phone. This minky will also serve to keep her phone clean as she takes it out or puts it in the pocket. There is also a layer of batting in the pocket to keep her phone protected.

This part of the bag is really awesome! There is a wristlet strap so that she can let it swing from her arm as she carries the baby. But the coolest part is the little claw hook I put on there. This allows her to open the wristlet strap and hook it around her stroller handle or a shopping cart OR the strap of her diaper bag! No more hunting to find which pocket she put HER stuff into!

Then I lined it with a pretty little coordinating satiny fabric on the inside to give it that posh "Coach-like" feel to it. :)
I took it to her last night and she absolutely loved it! It took me quite a while to actually get the bag made for her because I have been so busy with outside orders and keeping my etsy shop stocked up but the look on her face told me it was worth the wait.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My deliciously awesome friend, Tia is doing a giveaway on her Facebook page, Crimson Clover

You could win this as well as a $25 Crimson Clover gift certificate!!! That's awesome! Go check out her fan page and her etsy shop and make sure you enter to win. (Or don't...that will increase MY chances of winning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Dove

So...I'm just going to say it. My name is Lindsay and I am addicted to Peanut Butter squares. It's like a peanut butter cup but BETTER!

One of the other reasons that I really like them is because there's a neat little thought printed on the inside of the wrapper that sometimes really makes you think.

Yesterday I was very taken aback by the thought.

I love random statistics...we call them Fischer Nutty Facts around my house. Yesterday's thought was...

"There are 86,400 seconds in the day. Have you used one to say 'thank you'?"

I'm a firm believer in The Secret that you bring to you what you most think about and desire. And also that you need to be thankful for the things that you have before more great things can come to you. Well, I'm ALWAYS thankful for my amazing family and our health and happiness but sometimes I forget to be thankful for other major things in my life that I couldn't survive without.

So, today I would like to thank God for the success of my business. Without it, I would not be the person I am today. I am thankful for it's daily growth and I can't wait to see what other great things are in store for me and my business in the coming months!

Have a very happy Wednesday!
~Lindsay :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm closing up one of my shops, TheEmmaline on Etsy. It's a tough decision because it was my first shop but it's time to simplify. I'm not going to quit making the yummy baby gear that my wonderful clients have come to know and love though. They will just be moving over into my other shop, Sass Rocket Studios.
It's going to be a little time consuming because I can't just "move" things over...that would just be too easy. I will actually have to relist everything in Sass Rocket. I REALLY don't want to have to pay all of those listing fees again so I'm going to have a sale to try and reduce the amount of stuff I have to pay another listing fee for.
I am offering 25% off of EVERY ITEM in my shop! All you have to do is make a purchase and I will refund 25% of the purchase price to your paypal account!
I hope you find something fabulous for either your little one or perhaps a great gift for an upcoming shower...thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A full circle moment with Emma

The other night, I had a total full circle moment with my daughter Emma.
From the time Emma was a baby, we read her the book Goodnight Moon. I think bedtime routines and reading to your child are two of the most important parts of the day. We still read every night with Emma but as she got older and realized that other books existed, Goodnight Moon sort of fell by the bedside if you will. The bedtime routine changed from reading Goodnight Moon to reading any two books of Emma's choosing.
This went on up until about the last 6 months. Then, she started learning to read on her own. She now comes home every night with a book from the Reading Room at school. She has to read it and then take a short 5 question test on it the next day. I may be a little partial but I have to say, she is an AMAZING reader and I am so proud of her...she gives even the most daunting-looking words a good ol' college try. And most of the time she gets them right!
Well, two nights ago, she brought home Goodnight Moon. Call me sentimental if you must but I almost got teary eyed when I saw it. She read it absolutely beautifully to me and then I asked if I could read it to her when she finished...for old times sake. I also told her the story that I just told you and she loved it. :)
I love full circle moments and don't feel like they happen all that often but this one was truly amazing for me!