Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to you...

Every year for my daughter's birthday I make a special shirt for her with the number of the age that she's turning and do something to make it appropriate for what she happens to be into at the time of her birthday. One year, it was Dora, last year it was princesses and this year it was just a simple cupcake appliqued on the front...with a 5 and the words "Birthday Girl" appliqued over the top of it to look like a jersey on the back. Turned out sooooo cute!!

My niece turned 4 last week and her mom asked if I would make a birthday shirt for her. Well, of course I said yes! She wanted it to be wearable for more than just one day though so instead of Birthday Girl over the top of the 4, I did an iron-on transfer over the hand-appliqued 4 to say her name, Mackenzie. It turned out so adorable that I just had to show it off!

My fave part is the 4! I hand appliqued all three layers of the number 4 in all different and fun fabrics. It's quite time consuming but well worth it when you see the finished product...and the excited look on the birthday girl's (or boy's) face!

I absolutely love doing these and have had a few requests for them now, so stay tuned in my etsy baby boutique for some custom order birthday shirts! It seems they're in high demand. :)

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