Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapre Part 1

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman in Singapore that told me she absolutely loved my line of baby/mommy gear, TheEmmaline. She asked if I would consider working with her on a wholesale basis to help stock up a new online boutique that she was helping to start up. Aparently in Singapore, awesome baby and mommy gear is a little hard to come by. Originally she only wanted a few burp cloths, drool bibs, changing pads and reversable nursing covers. Well, it mushroomed from there.

She increased her order a few times and finally we ended up at a grand total of 250 items! That's 50 nursing covers, 50 changing pads, 70 double-sided burp cloths and 80 drool bibs!!! Holy cow...I got a lot of work to do!

So, after I received the payment, I purchased all of the fabric and started cutting. After two rotary cutter blade changes, this is what 250 fabulous baby/mommy items looks like...

So, yes...it's all cut. Now comes the fun part...pinning. I don't think I have enough pins!
Stay tuned to see my progress! Oh yea, one more thing...I have to have this out to her US shipping facility by April 12th!!! I better get crackin!

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