Friday, April 9, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapre Part 2

So, here's phase 2 of the progress of my huge wholesale order. I got all of the fabric cut out as you saw in the first post and now I've pinned all of the layers of the burp cloths together and all of the bib fronts with the backs.

Now...let the sewing begin! I'm glad I loaded up two industrial spools of white thread!

And if those two mountains of bibs and burp cloths that need to be sewn don't look daunting enough...chek out this view...

That is 50 burp cloths and 70 drool bibs!!! Oh man...I've got to do this for 50 changing pads still. I better get crackin'!

Stay tuned for more pics on my progress...

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!! Oh, and PS...I've been sick and haven't been quite as diligent with blog posts as I could have been. So, I'm actually quite a bit further than this with my order so check back often to catch the next part! ;)

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