Friday, April 16, 2010

Gettin' busy with Singapore Part 3

So if you’ve been following this process, I’ve already finished all of the little stuff like the bibs and burp cloths. I actually did the changing pads too already but forgot to take pics during that step…sorry. I did get one pic. When I finished sewing them and needed to flip them right side out and close the holes, I brought them into the living room so that we could watch a family movie together (and to hire the free slave hubby and kid). :) My daughter LOVES to fold the laundry, etc. As my hubby and I flipped all of them, we gave them to her and she folded them and sorted them into nice piles for me...what a great helper!

On to the nursing cover ups! Oh man, these are going to be very time consuming because there are so many steps with these and I have to do each step 50 times! Here is a pic of 5 piles. Each pile contains the front and back layers of the nursing cover and sitting on top of the pile are all of the straps that I have already made for them.

Here is one pile with it's straps...isn't this fabric awesome?! Alexander Henry makes some GREAT prints...and I just love Las Senoritas...they just look like they're having so much fun! here are all of the components of the nursing cover...the two layers, the strap (not pictured), the boning to make it stand away from your body up at the top so you can see the baby and have a little air flow and the D-ring adjustable closure to make it fit mommy just right.

I wish I had remembered to take a pic of the large pile of these D-ring attachments because a pile of 50 of them was really something to see! But here's a few and you get the idea.

This is what it looks like as I assembled it. Bottom layer down, lay down the the strap on one side, leave 15 inches of open space right down the middle (where the boning will eventually go) and place the d-ring attachment piece. Then I lay down the top layer and sew along the one seam.

And, here's what 50 of them look like waiting for the top seam to be sewn.

I started to feel the time crunch, so I stopped taking pics and just got busy working. Once I sew the top seam, I have to open it up (right sides out) and place a length of boning into that inside space that I left between the neck strap and the d-ring attachment, pin it in place and then sew it in. Then I need to flip the cover back inside out, re-line up the two layers, pin them together and sew them up. Then they're ready to be flipped, have the hole (that was left to flip them right side out) closed up, be top-stitched and finish off the end of the neck strap. Voi-la! Finished! I had a lot of help with those final steps. My family came over for dinner the night that I had just finished sewing the two layers together and they all helped me flip them right side out...HUGE help! Then my mother-in-law even helped me close up the holes! I should have had them over for dinner long ago! :)

And that truly is the end. I completed the order and mailed it out this past Monday. What a good feeling of accomplishment! I will have one more post in this series showing a sample of all of the finished pieces. Thanks for following this process!

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