Friday, April 23, 2010

Finished Products

So here are some of the finished products from a wholesale order that I did for a baby boutique in Singapore. If you recall from previous posts, the order was for 50 double-sided nursing covers, 50 changing pads, 80 drool bibs and 70 double-sided burpcloths.

I'm finally finished and got it sent out and let me tell you...what a great feeling! And thank God UPS will do it all for me! I walked in with two huge laundry baskets and told them where it needed to be and they took care of the rest!

Here is my favorite nursing cover. They had requested black and white dots on one side and this fabulous Alexander Henry fabric called Las Senoritas! They are so awesome! I love these girls...they just look like they're having so much fun. And the best part...they all look super sassy!

This is one of the changing pads with velcro closure. I've been doing changing pads for a long time but I redesigned them to be sleeping bag rolled and have this strap go around it to keep it nice and rolled up in the diaper bag. They're really awesome because the way that they get folded, you'll never lay baby down on a surface that has touched the germ-y surface that you layed down the pad to keep the baby from in the first place. You can use it over and over but the soft minky part that you lay baby on will never touch those germs so it can be used multiple times before washing. And the best part, when you get home from the mall just pop it in with the rest of the laundry! Check out my shop to see what I have available right now.

Here is one example of the 80 drool bibs that were requested. I love this print too...these flowers are just fabulous!

This order was so much fun...thanks for following the progress with me!

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  1. What a big order! Must have felt good to get it all done, I love the fabric for the nursing cover.