Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A full circle moment with Emma

The other night, I had a total full circle moment with my daughter Emma.
From the time Emma was a baby, we read her the book Goodnight Moon. I think bedtime routines and reading to your child are two of the most important parts of the day. We still read every night with Emma but as she got older and realized that other books existed, Goodnight Moon sort of fell by the bedside if you will. The bedtime routine changed from reading Goodnight Moon to reading any two books of Emma's choosing.
This went on up until about the last 6 months. Then, she started learning to read on her own. She now comes home every night with a book from the Reading Room at school. She has to read it and then take a short 5 question test on it the next day. I may be a little partial but I have to say, she is an AMAZING reader and I am so proud of her...she gives even the most daunting-looking words a good ol' college try. And most of the time she gets them right!
Well, two nights ago, she brought home Goodnight Moon. Call me sentimental if you must but I almost got teary eyed when I saw it. She read it absolutely beautifully to me and then I asked if I could read it to her when she finished...for old times sake. I also told her the story that I just told you and she loved it. :)
I love full circle moments and don't feel like they happen all that often but this one was truly amazing for me!

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