Monday, November 30, 2009

An Epiphany

Sometimes, I think I'm just a bit too close to my work. You know...can't see the forest for through the trees type of thing.

I make these awesome little drool bibs and have had absolutely amazing feedback on them. I had a client over the weekend tell me that she saw one of my drool bibs on a baby in the airport and asked the mom how to find me. She found me and bought two drool bibs and some car seat strap covers! Now THAT is some word of mouth advertising if I've ever seen it! I was so excited to hear that...but anywho...

I sold four more later that day and the client asked if I would make them smaller to fit an infant (0-6 months). Here's where my epiphany comes into play...why not offer an adjustable drool bib?! Hello...just put another male end of the snap on the bib so that now there are two settings for it?

So, now they will be adjustable! Woo hoo! My husband just looks at me, shakes his head, smiles and says, "You're pretty honey". Yea...thanks babe! :)

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