Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new fave!!!

So, I was shopping on Etsy again today (and I was actually looking to purchase something today...not just window shop) and I found a NEW FAVORITE SELLER!!!

Truth be told, I'm a science nerd hidden under the likes of Ed Hardy and Marc Jacobs. When I find anything science related in the real world...I get a bit giddy. I know, lame. But check out this new favorite shop of mine!

It appeals to me for two different reasons:

1. The crafter uses ordinary (boring to most outsiders) science terms and items and makes them fun and cute! Like the adorable Base Pair onesie that I chose to place in this post!

2. She does mostly baby/child stuff...ME TOO!!

What was I shopping for you may be wondering...a cute, lightweight jersey scarf. Well, I found an adorable one that has a microscope screenprinted on one end and a paramecium printed on the other....(which, I believe I will be purchasing shortly).

Just wanted to pass along a fun find for everyone today...ENJOY!!!!

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