Monday, November 9, 2009


So, I'm pretty jazzed! Late last week, I dropped of a large wholesale order made up of items from both Sass Rocket and TheEmmaline at my first brick and mortar store! Holy Cow!!!

I'm mad that I forgot to take a pic of the display but I think, with minimal effort, I could get one. You see, I am the office manager of a Fred Astaire Dance Studio as is my mother (at a different studio). It is at her dance studio that my fabulous gear is currently featured!

The other day, one of the dance instructors was getting a Starbucks order from everyone...he was buying. When he got back with the liquid productivity, he handed one to the studio owner and her cardboard sleeve was defective. As she grabbed her coffee, the offending sleeve fell off and she nearly dropped her coffee spilling it all over. My mom spoke up and said that I make some really fun and eco-friendly reusable coffee cozies. She took a look at my websites and thought that my stuff would really appeal to her clientele of dance students. She told me to make up at least 15 coffee cozies and then to just make up a few of this, that and the other thing!She was pretty chill about what she received and that made it a really pleasurable first shop experience for me!

This is my personal favorite coffee cozy!

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